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 In this post, I am going to talk about Windows Laptop vs MacBook Laptop, because I have used Windows Laptop and also I have used Mac Laptop.

 So I’ve been using Windows laptop for about five to six years and I’ve been using MacBook for about three years, so I can better tell you which laptop is in which part.  Which is better and which laptop you should buy when and why you should buy which of these two laptops.

 Because whenever a user buys a laptop there are many reasons behind it, some of us buy laptops so that they can do their normal daily work on this laptop i.e. whatever they do in their office.  Work to enable them to do their work at home even on a laptop, while some of us buy laptops because they are a student and they have a laptop for their studies.  They buy tops so that they can easily do all the work related to their studies on this laptop and also they can easily do all the work of the project given in their studies on this laptop.

 While some of us take laptops so that we can code better or do some kind of development on it.  Or we can say that some people buy laptops so that they can learn coding on it, while some people buy laptops so that they can play online games on it or also buy laptops for video editing.

 So it means that different people have different needs based on which they think of buying a laptop and they buy a laptop keeping in mind the needs inside.

 Best Laptop For Students

 So the first of these is the category of students in which many students want to buy a laptop after passing 10th or after passing 12th and think of buying a laptop so that they can complete their studies.  To be able to continue and do their project better on a laptop, or anything they have to learn with the help of a laptop or things they need to learn online with the help of the internet so students buy a lot of laptops.

 So if you are thinking of buying a 1st time laptop and before that you have never bought a laptop and never used a laptop and you are going to buy a laptop for the first time then this is what I would recommend to you. The first thing you should do is buy a Windows laptop and use a Windows laptop.

 There are many reasons behind this. The first reason is that Windows laptops are quite cheap that students can easily buy.

 What a student does in the early days with a laptop and what they want to do with the help of a laptop like they have to make a presentation, how to create a Microsoft word file, how to surf the internet, how to do software  How to install and use the software.

 So all these things that are at a basic level, all these things are very easy for a person who has bought a 1st-time laptop to do in a Windows laptop and all these things are different, So Windows laptops are easier and cheaper for you than Macbook laptop.

 If you compare a windows laptop with a Mac laptop then MacBook laptops are also much more expensive.

 So if you are a student and want to buy a laptop for the first time then, of course, you should go with a Windows laptop and you should buy a Windows laptop in the beginning.


 The next category that comes to us is in terms of laptop performance.  Because the performance is also on the demand of a laptop user.  Because some people demand that they buy a laptop so that they can do all their work related to coding and development on it or some people also buy a laptop because they do video editing on it.  Laptops can do all the work related to video editing easily or they can also do photo editing in it in a better way.

 So the most important thing behind their performance is that they want to have a laptop that can easily run their heavy software and do all the editing or related work very easily,  So here I am sharing my personal experience if you have all such demands and you want to buy a laptop, then, of course, you should go for Windows laptop because in the beginning if you use a laptop and it when all works out you will feel a windows laptop much faster.

 And when you become a professional level developer or photo editor or video editor then you can switch to MacBook laptop then, of course, you will find the speed of MacBook laptop fast and if you re  If you are thinking of using windows laptop at this time, you will feel that Windows laptop is much slower than MacBook laptop.

 So if you want to do video editing or photo editing or you want to run heavy software on your laptop then you should only buy a MacBook laptop because the optimization of these laptops and their performance is Windows  More than a laptop, but in terms of price, MacBook laptops will be much more expensive than Windows laptops, so here you have to decide for yourself which laptop you want to go.


 The next category is gaming on a laptop.  Many people use a laptop to play gaming in addition to normal tasks.

 That is, they want to play gaming in their free time in addition to their other tasks on this laptop, so if you want to get a laptop in which you can do all the work related to your studies and gaming in your free time.  My personal advice here is that you should never go to a MacBook laptop for gaming.

 Because MacBook laptops are not optimized for gaming. Of course, in terms of performance, these laptops are much faster than other laptops but they are not optimized for gaming so you will not be able to do good gaming in them and  Also, you don’t get much gaming in MacBook laptops, so if you want to get a laptop for gaming, then, of course, you should buy a Windows laptop as it will allow you to do better gaming and it’s Also you will find a lot of games.

 So for overall gaming, you should consider a Windows laptop.


 The next category that follows is the long term.  Many people want to buy a laptop for a long time.

 Here I am talking about people who buy a laptop for the long term, but they also want their laptop to provide good performance for the long term, that is, their laptop should never lag and give them a good performance, meaning they do not want their laptop to be too slow after a long time and not give them good performance.

 So when it comes to Windows laptops, a Windows laptop gives you very good performance in the first year, but then the performance of that laptop decreases to some extent and it gives you that much.  Can’t give better performance but a MacBook laptop gives you a good performance even for a long time.

 So of course in terms of long-term MacBook laptop gives you a good and better performance and provides you more value.

 But if we talk about windows laptop, then Windows laptops because they are available at a low price, they also do all your work well, but after a while, they feel a bit lacking, so if you have a long  If you want to get a laptop for a long time and your budget is high then, of course, you can buy a MacBook laptop but if you want to get a laptop on a low budget then, of course, you can get windows laptop.

 I hope you liked this post and if you have any knowledge through this post then you can let us know your opinion in the comment box below.

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