Why Android Phones Slow Down Overtime | How To Speed Up Your SmartPhone

There are so many smartphones being launched nowadays but we like only a few of them that we buy for our own use and with this smartphone, we hope that it will support us for a long time.  And we will use it for the long term and we hope that it will work very well for the long term and no issue will ever come up in the smartphone.

 But in reality, sometimes it doesn’t happen and this is our biggest pain in terms of smartphones that it slows down with time and we have to face many issues.

 What is the reason for this and why does it happen? Today in this post I am going to tell you three major reasons why your smartphone slows down and in this post, I will also fix these issues for you.

 Especially this thing happens more with android users because android is an operating system which is the most used operating system in the world and a normal user on average uses his android smartphone for three to four hours a day.  And when we use our smartphone for such a long time and then it hangs or slows down, it causes us a lot of trouble.

 But if we don’t use our smartphone much then it is not a problem for us but if we use our smartphone a lot then it becomes a lot of problems for us.

 So in this post, I am going to tell you the top 3 reasons why our smartphone slows down.

 1. Operating System Updates

 The first reason to slow down a smartphone is the Operating System Updates in a smartphone that we see from our smartphone brands.

 This is the first and biggest reason, for example, if you took a smartphone in 2018 and then you get to see a major update in 2019 and you install it, But there are many smartphone brands that give such updates in their old smartphone that our smartphone will slow down and we want to move towards its new smartphone and this has been seen in the past.

 Sometimes when an update comes to our smartphone we also see some unnecessary applications from the brand which we do not use and they are installed in our smartphone and we can’t uninstall them.  If a brand updates its smartphone and unnecessary applications are installed in it, then our smartphone also slows down.

 Not only that but many of us users also make the mistake of installing too many heavy games and too many heavy applications on their old smartphones which is a big reason for slowing down our smartphones.

 That is, if you have an old smartphone and you want to have the latest applications or games in it, then of course your smartphone will slow down because that latest application is only designed according to the specifications of the latest Android mobile.  They are gone and therefore they do not optimize well in your mobile and cause your mobile to slow down.

 So the only fix for this slow down is to take a backup of your smartphone and factory reset it and then don’t update your smartphone.

 And either you use custom ROMs which will help you to move safely from one place to another and you will be able to use your mobile smoothly.

 2. Background Process

 The second most important reason that slows down a smartphone is the “Background Process“.

 This is a big thing that every mobile user must understand if we use our mobile for a long term then, of course, we would have installed a lot of applications in our mobile and used them and sometimes many mobile users don’t even know how many applications they actually have on their mobile.

 And all these apps run in the background of your smartphone and use your mobile phone’s data, RAM, and CPU, and these applications have separate tasks that they run in the background and also cause your smartphone to slow down.

 And we also get some applications from mobile brands which run in the background of our mobile and we can’t even uninstall them from our mobile and because of this our mobile slows down.

 Also, many smartphone users make the mistake of using too many heavy themes and widgets on their smartphone which is a big reason to slow down the smartphone and these themes and widgets using continuously for the long term is also one of the reasons for slowing down your smartphone.

 The only solution is to not use live wallpapers, themes, and widgets on your mobile phone at all and you have to remove all the unnecessary applications on your mobile which you don’t use at all and it’s also many applications that we get from the brand and if we do not use them then you have to disable all these applications from the settings.

 So these are the methods that you have to apply to your smartphone which will make your smartphone fast enough.

 3. Storage Issue

 One of the biggest and last reasons to slow down a smartphone is the Storage Issue on the smartphone.

 Today, 128GB smartphone is not much for us because we do a lot of tasks on our smartphone and create a lot of videos and photos on our mobile phone that after a while the storage on our mobile phone is completely depleted.  In such a situation, there is no place to write for CPU on our smartphone and it also becomes a big reason to slow down a smartphone.

 And when we use our smartphone, of course, our smartphone will slow down and it will lag while doing various tasks because the reason is that you did not leave any space in the storage of your mobile phone at all.

 So the solution is not only to never let the storage in your mobile phone get full but also to save a lot of space for storage on your mobile, and sometimes when we use different applications, So the cache files of these applications increase the storage on our smartphone which we can clear and add good quality storage in our smartphone.

 So storage is also a big reason to slow down a smartphone, so you should never let the storage in your smartphone be full so that your smartphone does not slow down.

 So here are some of the major reasons why our smartphone slows down and how you can eliminate these causes from your mobile phone so that your smartphone never slows down, so you can address these three major reasons.  Make sure to use it on your smartphone so that your smartphone never slows down and you always get the best performance on your mobile.

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