TOP 7 AWESOME ANDROID APPS 2021 | Most Useful Android Apps You have to know


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 If you read this post to the end, you will be able to turn any of your old smartphones into a CCTV camera, even if you have any black and white photos.  If you can convert it into colorful photos in one click and one second, it is all possible in your smartphone mobile because today in this post I am going to tell you about TOP 7 AWESOME ANDROID APPS 2021.

 So let’s talk about these apps and tell you the features of these apps.

 1. Muviz Edge

 The 1st application we have is “Muviz Edge“.

 If you listen to music on your smartphone mobile and also watch a lot of videos, then if you install this mobile application on your mobile and whenever you listen to music, some visualize will appear on the edges of your mobile which is very cute to look at and doubles the taste of your music.

 This application is available for free on the internet which you can install absolutely free on your mobile and after installing this application you have to give some permissions and then you get to see 4 types of visualizing.  Two of which are available for free while two will read you buy but you can also take full advantage of this application by using these two free visualize and enjoy music.

 In this application, you can also change the colors of these visualize and if your mobile screen has an AMOLED display then this visualization will look amazing to you.

 So if you are very much interested in music on your mobile phone and like to listen to a lot of music on your mobile phone, then you must use this application on your mobile phone which will make your music more beautiful.

 2. WardenCam

 The next app is “WardenCam“.


 As I told you at the beginning of the post that you can turn any of your old smartphones into a CCTV camera, this is the application through which you can make this possible wirelessly.

 To use this application you need to use 2 smartphones of which you will use the camera of one smartphone and while in the other smartphone you will see the footage of this camera and for that, you need both.  You have to install the same application in the smartphone and then you have to select the camera in the mobile phone you want to set as a camera in this mobile phone, and similarly in the other smartphone in which  You want to see as a viewer in which you have to select viewer.

 Also if you want to connect both the mobiles through Gmail then you have to use the same Gmail in both the mobiles after which both the mobiles will be connected to each other and you can easily connect the camera of the other smartphone in one smartphone will be able to see.

 The most special thing about this application is that you can also turn on the flashlight in the smartphone from which you are watching, which will be very helpful for you to take photos at night.  And also if you want to talk while looking at the photos, you will be able to do that very easily.

 So if you want to use your old smartphone as a CCTV and use this mobile camera for security purposes somewhere, you can do it very easily with the help of this application.

 3. Dubox

 The next app is “Dubox“.


 This is an application that can do a lot of work for you and make it very easy for you as you will know that we can store up to 15GB of data in Google Drive for free.  , But it is an application that gives you not only 15GB but also 1TB of space in which you can store any data you want.

 In it, you can put your data in different categories like photos, videos and, different documents, etc.

 So if you want to create some extra space in your mobile phone or your mobile phone does not have much space to store your data then you can store all the data in it with the help of this application.

 4. PanoramaCrop

 The next app is “PanoramaCrop“.


 With the help of this application, you can create long photos on your Instagram and share them with your friends which look very cute than with the help of this application you can create such different photos.

 This application is available in a very minimal look which you can easily use to edit your photos.  There are three different modes in this application that you can use to completely change your photos, such as a mode that allows you to convert your rectangular photos into square photos.  Which can look very amazing.  You can also add bars to your photos.

 So this application is also great because of which you can easily edit your photos and surprise others by uploading different types of photos on Instagram.

 5. Remini

 The next application is “Remini“.


 With the help of this application, you will be able to colorize any of your black and white photos literally.  And this application makes your black and white photos colorful in a very natural skin tone that doesn’t look like the photo was black and white at all.

 There are also some other features in this application like you can turn your blur photos into sharp photos. And you can turn your real photos into artistic photos much better.

 So if you have some old-fashioned black and white photos and you want to make them colorful then of course you can use this application and make your black and white photos colorful in a better way.  The viewer will not think that these photos were black and white.

 6. Compact Hitech launcher

 The next app is “Compact Hitech Launcher“.

Compact Hitech launcher

 This is a totally theme-based launcher.  Designers do not design this launcher very deeply and this application is especially for those who want to change their home screen setup daily because in it you can find a lot of themes regarding the launcher. You can use it on your mobile phone on daily basis and make your mobile more amazing than before. And you get more than one theme in this application.

 Of course in this application, you will also be shown ads that you have to compromise and if you do not want to compromise then you have to buy this application.

 So if you want to change your mobile completely and use a new theme on your mobile on daily basis then you can use this application on your mobile.

 7. Reface

 The last application we have is “Reface“.


 This application is also a great application through which you can add your fee in various Bollywood and Hollywood movie scenes, yes in this application you are given many videos in which you can face any character. Instead, you can use your fees with the help of refacing which looks much more amazing.

 And in this application, the process takes only ten to fifteen seconds, after which you can create your own paid scene which you used to have the opportunity to do in very professional editing.

 So if you want to reface your fees instead of any fees and look amazing then you can use this application.

 So these are the 7 amazing Android applications that you can use on your mobile phone and do something new.  I hope you like all these applications very much.

 In the comment box below you can tell us which of these applications you liked the most.

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