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 There are countless applications on the Internet and many applications are used for various purposes. If we talk about applications on the Internet, there are not thousands but millions of applications on the Internet that we can use on our smartphones and  We can take different tasks from them and make our work easier, but it is not easy to guess which of these millions of apps is useful for us because there are so many apps on the internet that we have mobile.  So today in this post I will tell you about the Top 5 Most Interesting Free Android Apps that can come in handy and you can do a lot of useful things with them and these apps will help you.  Will be much more beneficial.  Let’s talk about these apps without wasting time.

 So in this post, I will tell you about five very interesting apps which are seriously very useful and will help you a lot.  In this post, you will also find links to all these apps and you can install all these apps on your mobile phone for free.

 So let me tell you about these Top 5 Most Interesting Free Android Apps.

 1. Wisom

 So the first thing we have is called “Wisom“.  And this is an interesting app that I believe is very important to have in all Android mobiles because the reason is that when the latest update of iOS 14 came in Apple’s operating system, Apple introduced a new one in it.  The feature was added that if any application in your mobile phone uses your mobile phone’s camera and mic without your permission, that feature notifies you and tells you that in your mobile phone  Which application is using your mobile phone’s camera or mic without your permission and that feature notifies you in the notification panel.

 So Wisom application works on your Android mobile phone just like this feature. As soon as you open this application, this application will indicate to you which application is on your mobile phone.  Mobile camera and mic are used and not only that, when you use an application, this application in the form of dots indicates to you on top of this application that this application is your mobile phone.  Whether using camera or mic.

 So because of this application, you can know which application of your mobile phone is using which feature of your mobile phone without your permission and this application will automatically notify you in the notification panel.  This application is a wonderful application that greatly enhances the security of your mobile and with the help of this application, you can protect not only your mobile phone but also yourself.  And after indicating this application, you can also deny this application.

 So every mobile phone user must use this application to stay secure.

 2. AppSales

 The next app is “AppSales

 You will find many applications like this on the internet but it is a very interesting app compared to all other applications.  In this application, you get different categories and also you get many amazing features in this application.

 Now let’s talk about what this application does and how this application can work for you.  Basically, this application is a legal and genuine application whose job is that any application that is paid in the play store but those applications are either completely free for some time or discount is available on these applications.  So this application tells you about these offers.

 This means that if you do not have the money to purchase an application, you will be able to download this application whenever you have an application that is a paid application but it will be available to you for free.  then you can install this application and use it for free on your mobile.

 This application also tells you about the applications that are available at a very high price but for some time those applications are available at a low price, then this application also tells you about these applications.

 This app tells you about all the applications that are very popular and very popular and when the discount is available on these applications or they are available for free then this application will tell you about it.  I also fully explain.

 So this application works genuinely and when an application is available to you for free or at a lower price and if you want to buy or install these applications then this application will play for you.  Takes you to the store after which you can buy or download this app.

 So if you want to install genuine paid applications for free and install the discount application in a perfectly legal way then you can install these applications very easily using this application.

 3. SMS Organizer

 The next and 3rd app is “SMS Organizer“.

 This application is just as amazing as any other application which makes your work easier and faster.  Of course, there will be a lot of messages on your mobile phone in which some of the messages will be your personal messages, and also some messages will be related to banks and transactions, and also many messages will be related to promotions.  And you will see all these messages together in one place which will cause you a lot of confusion, so the function of this application is that this application will show you all these messages in different categories which  Removes your confusion and makes it easier for you to read and find messages.

 In this application, you get three different categories of personal, transaction, and promotion and in these categories, you can organize anything you want, after which you will not have any confusion in reading and searching messages because when  Any message you receive will automatically be added to your related category and this way you will be able to read this message very easily.

 With the help of this application, you can mute any message so that you do not receive it next time.

 Not only this but with the help of this application you also get the option of reminder which allows you to put any reminder that this application will remind you about this specific work.

 In addition to this, in this application, you also get the option of Finance in which you receive all the messages related to finance.  So in this application, you can customize the messages so that you get all the messages in separate categories and this application then shows you these messages in the form of categories in a very simple way.

 So this is also a very interesting and useful application that you can use to make the work of messages easier and make it easier to read and find your messages.

 4. Sticker Maker

 The next app is “Sticker Maker“.

 Many people may already know about this application and they may use this application but of course, it means that there will be many people who will not be familiar with this application at all.  And don’t use exactly the same application.

 So this application is an application whose job is that you can create a sticker of your own free will, that is, this application allows you to create your own personalized sticker that you use on social media such as WhatsApp.  Yes, as everyone knows we use WhatsApp a lot and we use stickers a lot in WhatsApp.

 So why don’t we share our own sticker with our friends with the help of this application, then this application allows you to create your own stickers with the help of which you can easily create your own custom sticker.  Can.

 After creating a sticker in this application, the sticker automatically joins WhatsApp which you can easily use and send to anyone.

 So after installing this application you create custom stickers and share them with your friends.

 5. NotiEasy

 The final app is “NotiEasy“.

 It often happens to all of us that whenever a notification comes to our mobile phone, we mistakenly swipe the notification in our mobile phone, which causes us to miss that notification and often causes us trouble.  We also encounter or sometimes it happens to us that a notification automatically leaves the notification panel and we do not know and then we think about what that notification was and what it was about.

 So with the help of the application that I am going to tell you, you can see all these notifications again. Yes, this application saves all your notifications which you can view and read later with the help of this application.

 So even the last application is very useful which you can use to view and read your notifications which should be mandatory in every mobile phone user’s mobile phone.

 So these are the five amazing applications that I told you about and all these applications can help you a lot and of course, it is very important to have all these applications on your mobile phone.

 In the comments box below you can tell us which of these is your most favorite application and which one you are already using.

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