Top 5 Best Video Calling Apps | For Students and Professionals

In today’s post I am going to tell you about the best video calling apps and also the features of all these apps in this post, and why all these apps are so good, and what are the special features in them will be told to you in this post.

 So now let us tell you about the 5 best video calling apps that you should definitely try.

 1. Zoom

 The 1st video calling application is “Zoom“.

 The developers of this application had no idea that their application would become so popular and their user base would grow so much, but over the last few months, the use of this application has increased tremendously.  And many people have started using this application.

 The size of this application is only 30MB.  Initially, many security issues were seen in this application but now encryption has been added in this application and all conversation ent to end is encrypted which has eliminated all security issues.

 If we talk more about this application, it is very easy to use and that is why many people like to use it because it is very simple to use.  Anyone who doesn’t have much knowledge can also use this application easily.

 In this application, you get a variety of features, the most special feature of which is that you can change your background while making a video call in this application, ie if you are in any place where the background is not very good and if you do not want to show the front ones, you can change them very easily with just one click.

 With this application, you can have a meeting with up to 100 people at the same time, and you can easily record video calls during video calls so that you can watch this video or meeting later.

 So if you want to meet a lot of people and you need an application with a simple user interface, then of course you should use the zoom application.

 2. Google Meet

 The next app is “Google Meet“.

 The size of this video calling application is only 13MB and this application is also very secure and not only that but many of the AI ​​features of Google are also included in this application i.e. you can use this small size application and you can also easily change your background during the video call.

 Not only this, but you can also blur your background in this application.  In this application, you can meet up to 250 people at the same time.

 So if you have a meeting or you have to attend a class at your college then you can do it very easily with the help of this application because it is a product of Google then it is also very reliable.

 3. Cisco Webex

 The next video calling application is “Cisco Webex“.

 The size of this video calling application is 55MB.  If you want the best video and audio quality during video calling then you can definitely use the application because in this application you get the audio and video quality much better than all the other applications.

 In this application, you get audio quality crystal clear and also you get very good quality video i.e. you can do video calling in HD quality.  Plus all the other features are similar to zoom, for example, you get a multi-window option, and you can record it during your video call, and not only that, but you can also change the background during the call.

 So if you want a video calling application with good video and audio quality then, of course, you can use this application because in it you get better audio and video quality than all the other applications.

 4. Microsoft Teams

 The next application is “Microsoft Teams“.

 The size of this video calling application is 52MB.  If you want a very secure application for video calling then of course you should use this application as it provides you a very good security experience.

 There are 100+ million active users of this application.  This means that if you use a video calling application for a meeting and in it you share very sensitive information with someone, then, of course, you should use this application because this application gives you a secure environment in terms of security.

 In this application, you also get all the other features like personal chat, multi-windows, and video call recording, etc.

 5. WhatsApp

 The Next video calling application is “WhatsApp“.

 You can use all the four video calling applications mentioned above for your professional meetings and classes but if you have to make video calls with your friends and family members ie only three or four people.  For this, you can use this application which is WhatsApp.

 Because in WhatsApp you also get the option of video calling and now in WhatsApp also the limit of people during video calling has been increased.

 You can also use the “Google Duo” application to make group calls with your friends and family members, as it also gives you the option of video calling, and many mobiles already have this application as a built-in.

 So if you need an application for normal video calling, you can use WhatsApp and Google Duo.

 But if you have to attend a class or you have to have a professional meeting in which you have to share some sensitive information with someone, then you have to use the four applications mentioned above.

 So friends, in this post we have told you about the 5 best video calling applications through which you can use these applications for calling your friends and family members or even for classes or meetings.

 We hope you enjoyed the post. You can also use the comments box below for your feedback.

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