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Today in this post I am going to tell you about five battle royal games that will make you forget about Pubg and you can play these games as a alternative of Pubg.

 And all these games will give you an equal or better experience than Pubg.

 Before mentioning these games, I would like to tell you that you should always play games for a limited time, that is, if you start playing games on your mobile for eight to ten hours, it will not be good for you and for your health.  It’s not okay at all, so you should always play games for a limited time and never play more than that.

 So let’s start the post now and tell you about these 5 best battle royal games.

 1. Call of Duty Mobiles

 The 1st game is “Call of Duty Mobiles

 If you play the Pubg game then, of course, you must know about this game, but for me, the top alternative game would be Call of Duty Mobiles.

 Because there are some very special things in this game that you don’t find in any other game like in this game you get regular updates of this game, which means you get new things in it every month.

 There are a lot of maps in this game and you can do a lot of personalization in this game, and in this game, you are given a lot of different weapons that you can use while playing the game.

 When it comes to the graphics of this game, its graphics are very amazing and when it comes to the size of this game, it has a size of 1.9GB.  Of course, this game is very heavy in terms of size, but if we talk about the graphics of this game and the features in it, then you are given a lot of features, which is why the size of this game is even larger.

 You will have a lot of fun after playing this game and if you have never played this game before then of course you should definitely try this game.

 2. Free Fire

 The next game is “Free Fire“.

 If you find Call of Duty Mobiles more heavy game and you don’t have enough space on your mobile to play this game on your mobile then surely you can play this free fire game in its place.  The size of this game is only 618MB which is much less than the call of duty mobiles.

 In this game also you get almost all the things and all the features like Pubg and you are also get the feature of 4 vs 4, in this game also you are given different maps, so this game is also one of the best alternative of Pubg and a better battle royal game than that.

 That is, if you do not play a battle royal game much and only play the game to pass the time, then this game is the best game for you and you should definitely try it.

 3. Battlelands Royale

 The next game is “Battlelands Royale“.

 This game is available in a much smaller size than the two mentioned above which is only 115MB in size.

 This game is a Finland-based game.  In this game, you get 32 ​​players with whom you have to play and beat them and win this game.  This game is a bit cartoonish and in this game, you are shown from the top view but the map of this game is very big which means you can play this game very much time because the map of this game is very big.

 In this game, you will find different types of weapons and in this game, you will also find some weapons similar to Pubg which you can use during the game.

 So this is also a very amazing battle royal game which you can use as an alternative to Pubg and play this game to consume your time.

 4. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

 The next game we have is “Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground“.

 This game is much smaller in size than all the games mentioned above which are only 106MB in size.

 In this game also you are given a very big map and you are shown this game from the top view.  In this game you are given three different modes ie if you want to play battle royal you can also play it, besides you can also play multiplayer mode and you also get zombie mode which you can play in this game.

 And this game also has a very amazing and good map because the size of this game is very small so you can install it on your mobile very easily, so of course, this game you should try on your mobile.

 5. Fortnite

 The next and final game is “Fortnite“.

 The reason why this game is placed at the very end is that this game is extremely heavy ie the size of this game is 6 to 8GB and also the most different thing about this game is that this game is not available in the Play Store.

 But if we talk more about this game, the graphics of this game are super amazing which makes you play this game again and again after playing once because the graphics of this game give you a high-end experience.

 In this game also you can do different personalization and you are given a very big map. Of course, many people may know about this game and play it on their mobile but this game is a bit heavier than other games.

 So if you have a flagship device then you must try this game on your mobile.

 This post tells you about some very cool and amazing battle royal games that you can play on your mobile as an alternative to Pubg and enjoy these games with your friends and family members, and be sure to share these games with friends and family members as well.

 So you must try these games on your mobile and in the comments box below, let us know your opinion.

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