Top 5 Best Android Games Under 100MB | Must Try on Your Smartphone

In this post, I am going to tell you about some very amazing and unique games that are for Android mobile users.

 But first, let me tell you that there was a recent report that there are three billion mobile gaming users in the world and this is a huge figure and due to the current situation in the last three to four months, there has been a significant increase in this.

 Due to the current situation, the mobile habit of every mobile user has also changed and the mobile user spends maximum time with his mobile phone and for this, every mobile phone user needs different things in his mobile so he was able to consume his time well.

 That’s why in this post I am going to tell you about 5 unique and interesting games that you will find in less than 100MB in size and which every Android user can easily find in their mobile phone and will consume your time well and if you have any stress then this game will relax you completely.

 So all these games include both offline and online games and all the games are less than 100MB in size.

 So let’s start the post and tell you about the top 5 best android games.

 1. Gumslinger

 The 1st game is “Gumslinger“.

 The first game I am going to tell you about is a very interesting game.  All the characters in this game are like chewing gum and they shootbeat enemies. The size of this game is only 102MB.

 This is a Sweden-based game and the graphics of this game are very amazing, in this game you are given different missions that you have to complete.

 This game is based on soft-body physics which is a lot of fun to play, in this game you are given different levels and environments, and you also get different achievements and records.

 So overall this game is a very good game to consume your time which you must try on your mobile phone.

 2. Stealth Master

 The next game is “Stealth Master“.

 The size of this game is only 61MB and this game comes from Belarus.  The name of the game is the same as you play it, meaning you have to hide from others and not see others.

 This is also a very interesting game in which you get various missions that you have to complete.

 In this game you also get different secure places in which you have to hide and not see people at all, in this, you get different bidings which you have to cline and disable the guards coming in the way.

 Basically in this game, you have to complete the mission and be evacuate and you have to stay stealthy throughout the mission.  So if you want to consume your time well and you want to play a game in a smaller size then you must try this game.

 3. What the Fight

 The next game is “What the Fight“.

 The size of this game is only 80MB and it is a very interesting and fast game and for this, you have to move your fingers very fast ie especially for this game you need fast fingers so that you can play this game and win the game.

 In this game, you can pick up any weapon and chair with your finger and eliminate your enemy, and in this, you get different types of weapons and you get different levels that you have to complete.

 This game is a Paris-based game so if you want to play a fast game and consume your time then you can definitely play this game on your mobile.

 4. Rescue Wings

 The 2nd last game is “Rescue Wings“.

 If you are looking forward to playing the fire fighting game then after playing this game you will have a lot of fun and you will want to play this game again and again.

 The size of this game is 95MB and this game is based in London.

 All you have to do in this game is you are on top of an airplane and you have to fill the airplane with water and wherever there is a fire you have to put out the fire.

 This game seems like a simple concept but when you play this game you will enjoy this game a lot and in it, you will find 16,17 different types of airplanes that you can select and without crashing and causing damage you have to put out the fire and complete the given mission.

 So this is also a unique, interesting game and if you like to play a fire fighting game then you can definitely try this game on your mobile.

 Whatever games I am telling you in this post, you will download and play them on your mobile and will let us know your feedback.

 5. Horizon

 The next and final game we have in the post is “Horizon“.

 This game is only 55MB and this game is France based game.  This game is also a very fast game that you have to play very carefully.

 In this game, you are given a spaceship which you have to control and keep moving while avoiding and crossing different types of opticals because all these opticals will stop you and you will complete the mission.  Will not let, so you have to avoid all these optical and complete the mission.

 In this game, you are given 40 different spaceships and you get different rewards daily and also you are given a leader board where you can share your score with other game players of the world and you can compare your score with others players.

 So this is also a very interesting and good time-consuming game and you should definitely try it on your mobile.

 All the games that I told you in this post are different from all other games and you may not have even heard the names of these games and of course you have never seen these games.  Also, share the games with your friends and family members and enjoy these games with them.

 So how do you like these games and which of them would you like to play more.  You can let us know your opinion in the comments box below.

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