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Today in this post I am going to tell you about five very amazing Android games which are available in 100MB size or less than.  All these games are very unique and extremely interesting and addictive, once you play them you will become addicted to these games and want to play these games as much as possible.

 So let’s move on to the post and tell you about the top 5 best android games that are available in 100MB less size.

 So let’s get started and tell you about these games.

 1. Mad Skills BMX 2

 The 1st game is “Mad Skills BMX 2“.

 In this game, you have to ride a bicycle and you have to go through various ups and downs to reach the endpoint and complete your level.

 In this game, you get different levels and you can jump and wheeling your bike, not only that, you will keep completing levels as you go, you will keep getting different levels.

 In this application, you also get multi-player mode with the help of which you can also enjoy this game by playing this game with other players.

 This is a Sweden-based game and the graphics of this game are very good and also you will like the music of this game very much, so if you are very keen to play car games then you must love this game too. Try it, Of course, after playing this game you will like to play this game again and again.

 2. Mazes & More

 The next game is “Mazes & More“.

 This game is a puzzle game that will remind you of the old days because in the old days you must have played games in which you were given an in point and you were given an out point.  And you had to complete this puzzle along the way.

 This game contains only a 23MB file size.  This game may seem easy to you to play in the beginning but as you play this game you will find this game more difficult than before.

 So if you like to play puzzle games then definitely you must try this game because it is a lightweight puzzle game and most importantly it also reminds you of old times.

 3. Evo Pop

 The next game is “Evo Pop“.

 I have never seen this game before in my life and that is why I have included this game in this list. The size of this game is only 66MB.

 This game is a physics-based game in which you have to use strategy because in it you have an Evo that you have to increase and also, you also see many enemies that you have to finish and you have to keep moving.

 Some people will love playing this game and some people may not like this game much but once you start playing this game you will definitely become addicted to this game and you will love this game.

 Being a unique game, you must try and play this game.

 4. Dan the Man

 The 2nd Last game is “Dane the Man“.

 If you like to play Mario games and you have played Mario games then, of course, you will also like this game and want to play it.

 In it you get a little retro look and besides this game is an adventure game, in it, you also get champion mode and you have to follow the adventure, and even you have to go into survival mode.  Also, get to see.

 In this game you just have to keep moving and whatever hardens on your way you have to keep moving while crossing them as you get to see in the Mario game.

 You can also customize your player in this game, so if you like old-fashioned games and you are very fond of Mario games, then you should try this game.

 5. Nonstop Knight

 The last and final game in the list is “Nonstop Knight“.

 The size of this game is only 81MB.  In this game, you are given a knight with a sword that moves by itself and all you have to do is select the weapon and you have to keep eliminating all the enemies that come your way.

 You can play this game offline on your mobile and in this game you just have to keep moving and keep smashing the enemies and have to keep moving forward.

 So if you like to play a game with good graphics and good music then, of course, you can choose this game.

 In this post, I told you five games that are all very unique, interesting, and addictive and you must play them on your mobile.

 If you like these games, be sure to share them with your friends and family members, and let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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