Top 10 MIUI 11 Hidden Features | Must Try On Your Smartphone

In this post, I will tell you about some features of MIUI 11 that many people are not aware of and all these features are very interesting and there are hidden and secret features of MIUI 11 that you will not know.

 But in this post, I am going to tell you about all the features that are very interesting so in this post, I will tell you about 10 interesting features of MIUI 11.

 So let’s start this post and tell you about the top 10 hidden features of MIUI 11.

 1. Share App From HomeScreen

 The first feature I am going to tell you about is a very useful and helpful feature.

 Because many times we have to share an application with a friend or family member and for that, we use a third party application but in MIUI 11 you can share the application directly from the home screen of your smart phone to your friends or family members and you do not need any third-party application.

 Of course, you will not know about this feature at all, so how to use this feature and how you can share any application on the home screen of your smartphone with your family member or friend.  So you have to long-press this application that you want to share with someone and after which you will see the share button from where you can share this application, and you can share this application through different mediums like Bluetooth and Google Drive, etc.

 So with the help of this feature, you can easily share applications in MIUI 11 without any 3rd party application.

 2. Sky Filters

 This is a camera-related feature which is a very amazing feature in MIUI 11.

 Yes, we make many photos on our mobile which show sky in the background so with the help of this feature you can add sky in your background and change it separately and add colors that look very vibrant.

 All you have to do is go to the gallery of your smartphone and select the photo in which the sky is visible in the background and then you can edit it and change it with the help of sky filters and you can add a different color that looks a lot more amazing and attractive and makes your photos more beautiful than ever.

 3. MI Calculator

 Another feature that is very amazing and useful in MIUI 11 is “MI Calculator“.

 This feature will impress you a lot because there are so many little things that are so much more useful.

 For example, if you put someone’s date of birth, this calculator will tell you their exact age. Also, if you want to know anything about a day that has passed, so you can find also it with the help of this calculator.

 Also, you get features like mass, temperature, speed in this calculator that you can use which will be very helpful for you and if you are a student then, of course, all these features of the calculator will be much more useful for you.

 4. Quick Camera Launch

 In this MIUI 11, you can also customize the buttons ie if you want to launch the camera you have to unlock your mobile-first, and then you need to open the camera application which contains some of your time.

 But if you want to assign this camera app with a button, you can do it very easily with the help of this feature so that later you just press this button and the camera will open and you can instantly open the camera.

 Because sometimes it happens that if you have to take an urgent photo, then opening the camera app is a waste of your time which you can not take that photo.

 But with the help of this feature, you can assign the camera app to a button so that when you press this button, the camera will open, not only that, but you can also use this feature in any application other than a camera and can assign to any button.

 5. Clear Speaker

 It often happens that when you listen to music when you are smartphone is new, you hear music very well, but when your mobile phone is a little old, the music sounds a little less than before.

 This is because dirt gets into the speaker vents of your smartphone or dirt accumulates on top of the speaker, making you hear less music than before.

 MIUI 11 has a feature that can automatically clean the speaker, yes you get this feature in mobile settings and when you turn on this feature you hear a low-frequency sound which makes the speaker valves are automatically cleared and then you can hear the audio of the speaker well.

 So this is also an interesting feature of MIUI 11 which is very useful which you can use in your smartphone and clean the speaker.

 6. Game Turbo Mode

 MIUI 11 has game turbo mode and this is a very important feature that must be present in all mobile phones.

 With this feature, you can do different things in games and make different settings ie you can see the temperature, count the FPS, check the touch responsiveness and even change it, among other things and many settings can also be done with the help of this feature.

 So if you are very keen to play games on a smartphone then this feature will come in handy because it is a very interesting and useful feature.

 7. Mi Mover

 MIUI 11 also has a MI Mover feature that helps you switch mobile phones.

 Because it is very difficult to move from one smartphone to another and it is somewhat difficult to move all the data in it from one mobile to another.

 With this feature, you can easily switch from one mobile to another and all your data will be easily moved from one mobile to another and you will not have to use any 3rd party application at all.

 So if you are switching from one mobile phone to another, you can use this feature and easily switch all your data like photos, videos, contacts, and accounts from one mobile phone to another.

 8. Advanced Screen Recorder

 This feature of MIUI 11 is also very amazing which allows you to record the screen easily.

 It allows you to do full HD screen recording and you can also record audio in it and if you want to do screen recording through an external mic then you can do it easily with the help of this feature because it supported an external mic.

 So overall this screen recorder is different from all other screen recorders and in it you get advanced screen recording.

 9. Themes & Wallpapers

 In MIUI 11 you find many different new themes and wallpapers that you can use to give your mobile phone a different look.

 So if you haven’t seen the different themes and wallpapers in MIUI 11’s theme store that is so beautiful to look at, you can also go to the theme store and use these themes and wallpapers so your mobile phone appears will be more beautiful than before.

 10. Ads

 Talking about MIUI 11, it is important to talk about ads, but in MIUI 11 you see fewer ads than MIUI 10.

 These ads are content recommendations and you can easily turn them off on the whole mobile phone in MIUI 11.

 This means you can see ads but you can easily turn them off from your mobile phone at any time, which means you will never see content recommendations or ads.

 So these are the MIUI 11 features that are very useful and amazing that have been shared with you in this post, so if you use MIUI 11, you will definitely use all these features.

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