These 2MB Android Apps Will Really Surprise You | Must Download!!

In this post, I am going to tell you about some very useful and lightweight applications that must be installed on your mobile as they are very important for your mobile and the most special thing about these applications is that these all applications are very light light, meaning that all applications are available in sizes less than 2MB, which gives you an idea of ​​how light these applications can be.

 These applications must be on your mobile as they are lightweight and only less than 2MB in size.  And all these applications are very useful which will come in handy.

Let’s start this post and tell you about the top 6 applications that are very important for your mobile phone and all these applications are extremely lightweight.

So let’s get started

 1. Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser

 The 1st most lightweight application is “Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser“.

 This is an incognito browser, this browser is very lightweight and its size is only 465KB.  If you love your privacy, then, of course, you should use this browser and do all your browsing in this incognito browser, which means that whenever you browse anyone on your mobile phone, it will do not store any data in the mobile phone cache, such as if you use login, password, and username, etc. in browsing then all this data will not be saved in your cache and remain secure.

 Also, if all the browsing history you have is not saved in the web history or browsing history on the browser, then of course you must use this browser.

 2. FB Lite

 The next app we have is “FB Lite“.

 This application is the light version of Facebook which is only 1.6MB in size.  If you use Facebook on your mobile phone and you use the normal Facebook application then of course you should not use this application at all and instead, you should use this light version application.

 Because the normal application of Facebook consumes a lot of your mobile storage and also consumes a lot of battery of your mobile, you have to use Facebook lite so that the storage and battery of your mobile phone will minimally consume.

 In this application, you also get all the features that you get in other normal applications so you have to use this light version application on your mobile phone.

 Also, if you use Twitter, you can use the “Twitter Lite” application, which is only 1.1MB in size.

 So you can use both these applications on your mobile phone if you want minimum storage and battery consumption in your mobile phone.

 3. Chess For Android

 The Next application is “Chess For Android“.

 This application is basically a game whose size is only 0.96MB.  You will find many games related to this game on the internet but this game is the lightest game and it also has the same features as all other games.

 It is a lightweight and superfast application and the most special thing about it is that it does not show you any kind of advertisement.

 So if you like to play a chess game and you want a fast and lightweight chess application, then of course you must use this application on your mobile phone.

 4. Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite

 The next application is “Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite“.

 It is also a lightweight application with a size of only 1.5MB.  Basically, the function of this application is that this application displays the speed of Wi-Fi and mobile data internet in your mobile phone.

 This application shows you the speed of these two networks all the time on the status bar of your smartphone and shows you a record of up to 30 days of how much internet you have used in your mobile phone these days.

 So if you want to see on your mobile phone how much internet usage you use in your mobile then you must install this application on your mobile because it is a lightweight application that gives you all the time internet usage and will tell you about it.

 5. Open camera

 The 2nd last application is “Open Camera“.

 This is an open-source camera application that is only 1.7MB in size. It is basically a full-featured camera application in which you can do whatever you want in a normal camera application.

 The best thing about this camera application is that you can easily use your external mic in this camera application, and the video quality is much better when you create video like any other camera application.

 Also, this application gives you a lot of control while creating videos, you can easily create any kind of video you want, in which you can control the size, saturation, IOS, and shutter speed of the video.

 So if you want a lightweight camera app with so many features then of course you must install this application on your mobile phone.

 6. Google Podcasts

 The final application we have is “Google Podcasts“.

 This is a podcast application.  If you love listening to podcasts, because there are so many podcasts out there these days, such as self podcasts, tech podcasts, general political podcasts, and many more audio podcasts. 

 The size of this application is only 1.9MB.  Also if you have to do your own podcast then with the help of this application you can do that easily too.

 So this is one of the best and lightweight applications for a podcast that you can use to listen to a podcast.

 So here are the top 6 lightweight applications that you can use in your mobile phone that will not take up much space in your mobile phone.

 So if you like all these applications, you must share them with your friends and family members so that they too can use these lightweight applications on their mobile phones.

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