8 Crazy Upcoming Features of Android 12 | App Pairs, Theming System, Android Updates, & More

Today in this post we will talk about Android 12 and tell you about some very useful features of android 12 which will be included in android 12.

 Because android 12 has not been launched yet but its developer edition will start coming very soon and maybe in August or September this year android 12 will be officially launched.  But there are some features of android 12 that will be included in the Android 12.

 All these features are very interesting and very useful and in terms of features, these are brand new features.

 So let’s talk about these features and tell you about which features are coming in Android 12.

 1. Double Tab Actions

 Sometimes a feature comes first in the iOS operating system and then it is added to Android.

 The feature I am talking about has been seen in iPhone before and has proved to be very useful.

 So now we will see this feature in android too, with the help of which we will be able to take a screenshot by double-tapping on the backside of the mobile.

 Yes, with the help of this feature you will now be able to take screenshots much faster than before and take them immediately.

 2. App Pairs

 Now the next feature I am going to talk about is “App Pairs” that every android user needs.

 We have seen this feature before in many mobiles but now we have added this feature natively in the OS of Android 12 and we will see this feature in this new version of Android.

 With this feature you will be able to use any two applications on your mobile screen at the same time ie it will allow you to see one application at the top of the mobile screen and the other application at the bottom of the mobile screen.  And you can easily use two applications at the same time.

 This feature has been added to the Android 12 because this feature will be used a lot in the folding mobile which is why this feature has been added to the Android operating system.

 So with the help of this feature, you will be able to do multitasking very easily and use multiple operations at the same time.

 3. Android Updates

 The biggest feature that will make many Android users very happy, yes now you will have Android updates available much faster and much more easily.

 This means that you will no longer have to wait for months or years for Android updates, not only that, but now you will be able to download and install updates for your mobile from the Play Store on your Android mobile.

 So now you don’t have to wait long for Android updates and you will be able to update your mobile very easily and very quickly.

 4. Theming System

 It is also being heard that Android 12is now offering a theming system with the help of which you will be able to enjoy different themes on your mobile.

 This means that right now the Android user is given only dark and light mode, but with this system, they will give you different colors and you can select any color you want and use it as a theme.

 So in this android 12 users will also be given their system which will make each user’s mobile look different and each user will be able to customize the theme on their mobile at their own will which will make a user a good user experience will be found.

 5. App Hibernating

 Now with Android 12, the performance is going to be smoother than before and it is also being said that now a feature is being given in Android 12 which will allow your mobile application to hibernate.

 This means that any application running in your mobile in your background will hibernate automatically and you will only be able to access it when you have to use this application and that application will run only and then it will come out of hibernating mode.

 So this means that the resources that are being used more in the background of your mobile phone will be used less, which means that your mobile performance will be much higher with Android 12.

 6. Wifi Sharing

 Another feature that has been given earlier in iOS and now this feature is also being given in Android 12.

 Yes, now in Android mobile phone you will be able to do Wi-Fi sharing very easily, ie before that, you have to scan QR code, etc for Wi-Fi sharing, and only after that, you can use your Wi-Fi for someone else.

 But now you will be able to share Wi-Fi with anyone very easily and you will be able to share Wi-Fi with anyone without a password.

 7. Scrollable Screenshots

 Now the feature I am talking about should have been confirmed in Android 11 but it was not launched in Android 11 and now this feature is being added in Android 12.

 Yes, this feature allows you to take scrollable screenshots on your mobile phone.

 This means that with the help of this feature you will be able to take a long scrollable screenshot on your mobile which was not present in Android before but now it will be included in Android 12.

 8. Wireguard VPN

 Now WireGuard VPN is coming in android 12 which means that if you go to China where many websites are banned and you have to use these websites then you can now use Wireguard VPN within Android and you  will be able to use these blocked websites.

 So this means that you no longer have to use another third-party VPN and you will be given this feature natively within Android 12 so that you can use VPN with the help of this feature and you do not have to use any third-party application.

 So now it remains to be seen if Wireguard VPN is being integrated into Android 12, how much performance it gives, and how well it works.

 So these are the 8 crazy upcoming features of android 12 that I told you about in this post.

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