6 Important Android Settings You Should Change Now

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 In this post, I will tell you about 6 Important Android Settings You Should Change Now in your mobile phone right now which can be very useful for you.

 You may be satisfied with many of the settings that I will tell you in this post but you may not be satisfied with some of the settings but I think all these settings are very important for you and you  Must change all these settings on your mobile phone.

 Because it often happens that when we buy a new smartphone we make a lot of changes in the mobile phone like we think it is very important to have a back cover for the phone and so we put it in our mobile phone.  Also, use some protection glasses for protection in mobile phones.  That is, when we buy a new mobile phone, we think of many things for it and make any changes to it.

 But I would like to tell you one thing that if you make these changes to your mobile phone which I am telling you in this post, then your mobile phone will be much more useful than your mobile phone.  Are very important and not only that but your mobile phone will be more secure than before which you should definitely secure your mobile.


 The first setting I am going to tell you is an optional setting that many people may not want to do so you can opt it out.

 And the full name of this setting is “Opt Out Of Google Personalization Ads“.  You will find this setting in Google Settings Settings on your mobile phone in which you will see these settings which you can turn on or off at will.

 Because this is an optional setting, it happens automatically in all new smartphones, but you can also turn it on if you want.

 Now let me tell you what changes your mobile phone makes before you turn this setting on and why you should turn it on.  Normally in our mobile, it happens that when we use our mobile and search for anything in the mobile browser and also what works in other mobile phones then it happens that you have to  Advertisements also appear on your mobile phone for your benefit.

 But if you don’t want all these things to happen and you don’t see advertisements related to what you search for on your mobile phone, you can also turn it off through this setting.  And after turning on this setting, when you use your mobile phone and do different things in it or search for different things in the browser, then you will not see advertisements related to your work.

 So if you want to opt it out on your mobile phone, you can activate it by going to Settings on your mobile phone.


 Then the second and most important setting that we must make in our mobile phone is “Google Play Instant“.

 Google recently announced a service through which if you do not have to install any application from the Play Store and you want to use it, that is, you can try this application only at that time.  If you want, you have been given this feature within the Play Store.

 So if you want to activate this setting, you have to go to your mobile phone settings and then turn on the “Google Play Instant” option.

 Sometimes this option may be already on in different mobile phones but if this option is not on in your mobile phone then you can turn it on.

 Now, this option will work that there are some applications in the play store that you can try, for now, that is if you want to install an application, but before that, you also want to try this application.  If so, you can try before installing this application by clicking on the Try Now button before installing this application.

 And then when you use this application and then you want to install it, you can easily install this application by clicking the install button.

 So this is a very interesting thing in your mobile phone that you must activate and that will come in handy in the future.


 Now the setting I am telling you for your mobile phone is very important and this setting will also take away your very herdic.

 Whenever you lock screen your mobile phone, there are many applications in your mobile phone whose notification you do not see in the lock screen but then when you lock your mobile phone to use it.  When you open it, all the notifications start appearing at once.

 Which is actually a very herdic one and you can solve it very easily.  This is because when you buy a brand of mobile phone, the brands themselves adjust the settings of the mobile phone in such a way that the application does not run in the background in your mobile phone and the battery of your mobile phone.

 But if you want to opt-out of it voluntarily, you have to go to your mobile phone settings and then you have to go to your mobile phone battery settings after which you have to charge the battery in your mobile phone.  The optimization option will appear from where you want to see the notification of any application even after it is locked on the screen of your mobile phone, you can easily turn the notification of this application on or off with the help of this setting.

 Then whenever you lock your mobile phone, all the notifications of this particular application will also appear on the lock screen, so I think this is also a very important setting that you can use on your mobile phone.


 The next setting I’m going to talk about is “Find My Mobile” which many people will know and use, but there are still many people who still use this setting.  Do not use it at all and many people do not know about it at all.

 But whenever you buy a new smartphone, you must first turn on this option from your mobile phone.  Because if after that your mobile phone is lost or stolen or in a place you don’t know about, you can use this feature to turn on your mobile phone after turning on this setting can be found very easily.

 After turning on this option, not only can you find your mobile phone but you can also see the last location of your mobile phone and erase the personal data in your mobile phone with the help of any other device.  This means that after turning on this setting, you get a full authority to control your mobile phone.

 Also, if your mobile phone is lost in your own home and your mobile is in silent mode, this feature allows you to easily find your mobile phone by ringing in your mobile phone.

 So after turning on this option, you get a lot of authorities that you must turn on and you must remember that whenever you buy a new smartphone, you must first use this option.


 Then the settings for mobile phones are also very important and you must do it on your mobile phone.

 Because most people use Android mobile phone and we also use many apps on this mobile phone, so if you want all your application to be safe and there is no malware in them, then it’s So you have to go to the Play Store on your mobile phone after which you will see the Play Protection option in which you will find this setting and you have to turn on these settings in your mobile phone.

 This feature then scans all the applications on your mobile phone again and again and tells you whether the application is secure for you or not.

 So after turning on this setting this feature keeps your mobile completely secure.  If your mobile phone does not have this option by default then you must make this option always be secure.


 The next most important setting for a mobile phone is “Hide Notification“.

 Whenever we buy a new smartphone, our mobile phone does not have this setting on before, which means that anyone can easily read all the notifications coming to our mobile phone even after locking the mobile phone which we have to turn on by ourselves.

 This can be very important for our security, so we have to go to the display settings in our mobile phone settings and turn on this option.

 After turning on this setting, no one can see all the notifications coming to our mobile phone after the mobile phone is locked and they are completely hidden, so we must make this setting in our mobile phone so that No one else could read the personal notification.

 So here are some important settings for an Android mobile phone that you must do on your mobile phone and whenever you get a new mobile phone, you have to do all these settings at the same time when you take the mobile phone. Because all these settings are very important for mobile phone and all these settings will help you a lot.

 In the comment box below you will be told whether you are using all these settings or not and how you like all these settings.

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