5 Mobile Photography Tips & Tricks 2021 | You Must Know

5 Mobile Photography Tips & Tricks 2021

5 Mobile Photography Tips & Tricks 2021

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 Today I am going to tell you 5 Mobile Photography Tips & Tricks 2021 that every smartphone camera user must know which are also very important.  Most people think that photography requires a DSLR camera and with a smartphone camera they can’t do photography or photography in a better way but in reality, this is not the case at all.

 Nowadays, all the smartphones that come in use different lenses in the camera which are very impressive so you can capture every amazing photograph with the help of your smartphone.

 So let’s talk about these amazing 5 photography tips and tricks that you can use to capture great photos in your smartphone camera that you may not even know about before.

 1. Exposure


 Tip number one is to focus on the main object and adjust the exposure to get the perfect brightness level of your smartphone camera.

 Many times we think that whenever we capture a photo, there is a good focus on the particular subject.  But after capturing the photo, when we look at the photo and zoom in on the photo, we don’t actually focus on the subject and sometimes it happens that some photos are captured from the smartphone camera which is underexposure or overexposure.

 So what is the solution? First of all, you have to clean the lens of your mobile phone camera well and then when you are taking photos with your smartphone camera, you need to  If you want to focus on the subject, tap on it, then your subject will be locked, and then you can increase or decrease the photo exposure according to the lighting condition and capture the best way.

 So this way you can get the perfect exposure for your photos while doing photography.

 Also, when we capture some photos with our mobile phone camera, the details in some shadow areas and high lights area do not come out well.  So there is a solution for that too.  Your smartphone camera has an HDR (High dynamic range) feature that allows you to capture a perfect exposure photo, as well as the most megapixels in your smartphone camera given the camera, it can capture your photos with more detail, which makes your photos look sharper and sharper, and all the details in these photos are better reflected.

 2. Burst Mode

 Tip Number 2 is “Burst Mode“.

 Every smartphone mobile camera has a hidden feature called burst mode and many people do not know about this mode, what is its actual function, and how we can use this mode during photography on our mobile.

 Many people think that it is very important to have an expensive DSLR camera to capture action photos but in reality, it is not at all because if you have a good processor in your smartphone and good image processing on your mobile, you can also capture action photos from it very well.

 So let me tell you now how you can capture action photos from your mobile phone camera, for this you will see grid option in your mobile phone camera settings which you have to turn on and it’s Then you have to bring your main subject to the center of your camera and tap on it to focus so that the subject is locked by you.

 Then you have to long-press on the shutter button of the mobile camera which will capture 20 photos simultaneously in burst mode.  You can then access and view photos taken in burst mode in your mobile phone’s gallery, and you can save any of the photos you like better to your mobile phone.

 3. Low Light Photography

 The tip number 3 is “Night photography”.

 Many times due to low light people think that photos will not look good in low light and the camera of a smartphone will not be able to capture photos well, meaning that its camera will not be able to capture all the detailing well.  .  But in all the smartphones that are available in the market today, all these smartphones give you a dedicated night mode for low light, with the help of which you can do very amazing shots and amazing photography even in low light and that is also the best with detailing.

 Some mobiles also support AI Vision inside the night mode, which allows the mobile phone’s camera to do night photography in a very good way and with a lot of detailing that we get to see inexpensive cameras.

 So whenever you want to capture photos in low light, there you must use night mode which will make you see a big difference in your photos and you will be able to do better and amazing photography even in the dark.

 4. Wide Angle & Macro Camera

Wide Angle

 Tip number 4 is “Wide Angle and Macro Camera“.

 Nowadays in modern smartphone cameras, these two lenses i.e. wide-angle and macro camera are given which are rarely used by very few people and some people don’t even know how to actually use them.  But if you are a photography lover and you like to do photography with a smartphone camera, then, of course, it is very important for you to know both these lenses and their features and also know how to use them.

 And the best way to do this is to use both lenses.  For example, if you capture a normal photo with the help of a mobile phone and want to enlarge something in that photo, you can do so very easily with the help of the macro lens in your smartphone.

 Then you are given another lens in the mobile phone camera called wide-angle lens and it is also very useful and very few people use it.  For example, if you want to capture a photo with your mobile phone camera and you want to cover more area in it, then the normal camera of your mobile phone cannot do this, so you can use a wide-angle lens. You can do this very easily and cover more area in your mobile phone camera.

 5. Videography


 Tip number 5 is “Videography“.

 Who doesn’t love making videos these days?  Many people nowadays make shorts videos and make stories and many times while making videos we think how much better it would be if there was a bokeh effect in the background or our background blur.

 So you should always remember that if you are recording a video and you want your background to blur and you can see the bokeh effect then your smartphone camera has a portrait mode option which  If you record any video, your background will blur by itself.

 So these were the Top 5 Mobile Photography Tips and Tricks that every smartphone user must know.

 In the comment box below you can tell us how you like these photography tips and tricks and did you know about them before.

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