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 If you play a lot of games on your smartphone then this post is for you and if you are looking for some great games for your smartphone then surely you will find those games in this post because this post  I’m going to tell you about 5 Best Offline Games Under 70MB that aren’t too big in size.

 But you will be aware that there are a lot of games on the internet and the trend of playing games on mobile phones is very high nowadays and many people like to play games on mobile phones but not about mobile games.  There are not thousands but millions of games on mobile phones that are all different from each other and all the games are available in different sizes.

 And if we talk about some of these good games or find these games, it is a very difficult task but you don’t have to worry because in this post there are some very interesting games for you.  I have brought them which I am going to share with you in this post which will work offline on your mobile and you will be able to play these games easily on your mobile even without the internet.

 And the games that I will tell you about, after playing these games, of course, your gaming experience will increase a lot and you will definitely like all these games very much.

 Not only are these games very amazing but if we talk about the graphics in these games then the graphics of all the games that I will tell you in this post are also very good which is a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics  The graphics are very beautiful which will definitely make your gaming experience better than before and you will also like these games a lot.  And of course, you will have a lot of fun in these games and some games in these games are very addictive that you will like to play them again and again after playing.

 You can easily download these games to your mobile phone and then you can play them offline at any time on your mobile phone, ie if your mobile phone does not have an internet connection then you will also be able to play these games easily on your mobile phone.

 So now without wasting time let’s talk about these 5 Best Offline Games and tell you about these games now.

 1. 32 Secs: Traffic Rider

 The 1st game is “32 Secs: Traffic Rider“.

 If we talk about the size of this game, the size of this game is only 50MB.

 As far as playing this game is concerned, it is very interesting to play and it gives you the experience of playing in portrait mode.

 Not only that but the graphics of this game are also very beautiful and in this game, you are given left and right controls through which you can move left and right and in this game you  Also different players are part of this game with which you have to race and complete different levels of this game and only then you can go to the next level.  You are given different levels which you have to complete in different ways. After playing this game you will spend a lot of time and your gaming experience will be very good and you will have the same amount.  The fun is also coming because the graphics of this game will make you look much more attractive.

 And this game is a completely offline game which once installed you can easily play offline without the internet on your mobile and enjoy this game.

 2. TurnScape

 The next game is “TurnScape

 This game is only 55MB and I believe it is a very addictive android game.  Because this is a game that will make you want to play this game over and over again and you will play this game over and over again to complete the level of this game and the most special thing about this game and all.  The good thing is that you can play this game with any of your friends, that is, you can also play this game as a multi-player.

 In this game you are given a player that keeps moving and you have to turn by tapping on the screen of your mobile phone and if you are not able to turn at the right time then that player will fall down and  Your level will not be complete after which you are shown the progress of your level and how much you have completed this level.

 In this game also you get very beautiful graphics which makes your game fun to play more than before so of course you also install this game because it is also an offline game that you can play on your mobile phone.  Can also play easily while traveling or traveling.

 3. Smashing Rush

 The next app is “Smashing Rush“.

 This game is available in 64MB size.  This game gets you in landscape mode which is a very interesting game and even in this, you make the graphics look very attractive.

 In this game, you get different characters and in this, you also get career mode, and also you get endless mode in this game, and also you get a lot of things in this game.  And you get different levels in this game in which all you have to do is keep running and collect coins and keep upgrading as well and it keeps going.

 So this is also a very interesting game with which your time pass is going to be very good and like other games, it is also offline i.e. you can play this game offline on your mobile anytime.  Without internet.

 4. Major Mayhem 2

 The next game is “Major Mayhem 2“.

 This game is very interesting and amazing as the rest of the game and the size of this game is 55MB and this game is a storyline game i.e. inside this game you are on vacations with your family on a beach and at the same time, you  Is attacked and then you have to protect yourself and your family from this attack and keep it safe from this attack.

 When it comes to the graphics of this game, this game is also very good in terms of graphics which gives you a very good graphics experience, and in this, you are also given different levels in which you can defeat enemies.  You have to eliminate them by attacking and keep moving and upgrading levels.

 So this is a very interesting game like the rest of the game which you can play offline without internet after installing it on your mobile phone.

 5. RamBoat

 The next game is “RamBoat“.

 This game is only available in 34MB size.  This game has a player who also has a boat that floats in the water and you come across enemies that you have to eliminate and avoid by jumping and also underwater.  You can also dive. In this game, you are given different types of characters and you are also given different levels in this game.

 This game is also an offline game like other games which once you download and install it you can easily play it on your mobile without the internet and this is a very good time-consuming game.  You will have a lot of fun after playing and of course, you must have this game installed on your mobile phone.

 So these are the five offline Android games that I have tried from my personal experience and in this post, I will tell you, of course, you will be aware that there are many games on the internet but these games are all the rest.  The games are quite different and their graphics are also very different from the rest of the games which you will surely have a lot of fun after playing and all these games are time-consuming and storyline games.

 And as you have been told that all these games are offline, once you have installed all these games then you will be able to play all these games on your mobile phone without internet.

 In the comments box below, you can tell us which of these games you liked the most.

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